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About Us

What is Scammr?

Scammr is a crowdsourced platform for checking and reporting scams across the country. Scammr is an Online Intervention to reduce the rate at which people fall for scams across the country. Scams in Nigeria are Legen… Wait for it… Wait for it… Dary. We have managed to make a name for ourselves in this industry, although it is argued that this might have been overexaggerated. However, it’s about time we fix ourselves.

Every scam comes down to a couple things… Communication and transaction. Our platform has been designed in a way to blacklist these common, not easily replaceable media to prevent unsuspecting citizens from falling victims.

If you’ve ever fallen victim to a scam, you know it never feels good, no matter how small the loss. The power is in our hands now, to get rid of this menace. It's up to us.

Born as a result of falling victim to an obvious scam, Scammr is a true definition of necessity breeds innovation as it has prompted the founders to do everything they can in collaboration with the community to put an end to this.

Save Major Tunde!

This Nigerian email scam is literally out of this world.

Posted by Channel 4 on Thursday, February 25, 2016

How it Works

Scammr keeps a record of scam tools such as phone numbers etc that have been encountered by other people and have been submitted to the Scammr platform. We present an avenue for you to check the details of a transaction you are about to make against already provided data by our numerous contributors.

How do i check for scam?

To check for scam, enter your search detail e.g an account number into the search box and click on the green "Check Scam" button as shown below

How it works - Scammr

On most other pages, all you need to do is enter your search query as required and click on the green search button.

How it works - Scammr

How do i report scam?

Reporting scams have been made easy, you must be logged in with your Facebook account but can choose to appear anonymous while reporting a scam. To report a scam, click on the red button that says report a scam. This appears almost throughout the website.

How it works - Scammr

My search didnt return any results, should i make the transaction?

When searches does not return any result, it means the tool you searched for hasnt been reported. However, that the transaction detail hasnt been reported doesnt verify that it is scam-free. Proceed with caution.

My details were falsely reported as scam

If you come across any scam that appears to be inappropriate or wrongly reported, you can flag the scam by using the "Flag as Inappropriate" button as shown below. However, you need to be logged in to flag a scam.

How it works - Scammr

I need Urgent help and I still have questions!!

You can make use of the live chat feature at the bottom of the page. We would respond when online, or leave a message when we appear offline and we would get back to you.

How it works - Scammr