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Developer - Scammr Open API

Getting Started

Scammr keeps a record of scam tools such as phone numbers etc that have been encountered by other people and have been submitted to the Scammr platform. Scammr Open API allows you to expand and build on the Scammr platform, providing a form of security, awareness and caution for your platform users. The application of Scammr to your platform is limitless and we are also open to suggestions and requests.

Scammr API is being optimized for use for businesses such as Classifieds and Job portals.

For Classifieds

Classifieds brings buyers and sellers together to make transactions. Provide an extra level of security for your buyers against scammers posing as sellers.

Check seller for scammer

Upon viewing a product or item page, the seller's contact details can be checked against the Scammr platform. The seller's phone number and/or email can be sent to the Scammr api that returns if the details has been reported for scam or not. Depending on the results, you can then choose to display a Scammr Passed seal or a Scammr Failed seal as shown below to help the user determine whether to proceed or not with the purchase of the item.

Passed Scammr check Failed Scammr check
Report Scams reported to your platform

A lot of platforms allow their users to report scams they encounter. The Scammr API provides a way to allow these scams to be forwarded from the various platforms to Scammr so they can also be checked against and prevent someone else from falling victim irregardless of the platform they are on

For Other Businesses

The Scammr API can come into play in any platform that requires the integrity of its users, anywhere transactions occur between two or more people, buyers and sellers, Job opportunities, etc. The application of the Scammr API is limitless.

Rate Limiting

For the first release, Scammr does not limit requests from its API beta partners. As the API is opened to additional users post-beta, default limits will be put into place that are more than sufficient for most API usage.

To get started with the API, an API key would be required for authentication. To obtain this, send a request to and an account would be create with details provided in response.

Get Started with Documentation

The API is currently undergoing development, and updates may be rolled in faster than you get another cup of coffee.