Check. Report. Save People

Volunteer Program

Type 1: Resources

A. Field Work

Scammr keeps a record of scam tools such as phone numbers etc that have been encountered by other people and have been submitted to the Scammr platform. The entire platform is dependent on reported scams. We seek intuitive persons who are interested in sourcing for scams across platforms and media on the internet and also convincing other people to report scams.

Type 2: Social Media Related Tasks

A. Social Media/PR

We seek one or two people interested in helping out in our PR department, which includes social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), blog, and other outreaches. Required skills: Knowledge of social media, proficiency in English, knowledge of basic computer skills, Design(Optional).

A. Social Media/Outreach

We seek people interested in this cause to help with more public outreach. More people that know about the platform, more lives can be saved. We seek support from individuals with outreach, blogs, and other relevant organizations. Required skills: Contacts and connections.

All these positions are on a volunteer basis. We are not – for now – able to offer financial incentive. There are other incentives in the works though, however, which are not financial, but we hope that your decision to join us will be because you believe in the work and want to see it succeed. Send an email to with the subject “Volunteer” and the specific type and category in the subject line. For instance: “Volunteer Social Media/PR for those interested in the PR position.